HOLLYLAND Lark 150 is Super Compact mic

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HollyLand Lark 150, a microphone system, offers you high-performance video solutions for the live broadcast. It’s the lightest and smallest wireless microphone system available in the market released last year. The Lark 150 has two constructs dual-channel audio using two wireless transmitters resulting in three audio output modes – a standard mono track, a stereo track, and another creative safety track. It can be on your wish list if you are also looking for the smallest wireless microphone to record video anytime, anywhere.

HOLLYLAND Lark 150 Design and battery:

Design is one of the reasons one would wish to purchase HOLLYLAND Lark 150. It consists the two transmitters, the charging case, a receiver, and a smart design for protection and storage.

The versatile combo and the standard packing consist of two lavalier microphones in different uses. It also comes up with a TRS cable, a storage bag, and a 3.5mm user-friendly windshield, which functions as the best microphone system for YouTubing, on-stage talk shows, vlogging, live streaming, and other types of content creation.

The compact charging case is convenient for travel and provides easy charging for longer battery life. The basic module holds a slot for cable storage. In full-charged states, the receiver can last for over 7 hours, but the transmitters can last for about 4 hours.

One can operate transmitters and the receiver easily, where each transmitter has a power button to active and mute the channel and a 3.5mm TRS audio input. On the receiver, both sides on the receiver are arranged to adjust the dual-channel mode’s volume.

To switch the channel to the stereo mode, you can long-press the left one and if you want to mute it, click once on the right one. Two 3.5mm audio ports, one for audio output and the other is the headphone monitoring port.

Sound Quality:

Three audio output modes work with different background noises in multiple scenarios. The first, standard Mono mode, is the most basic mode used by most of the users.

The second stereo mode is the most anticipated feature as it includes dual transmitters that we can use to build a dual-channel audio input to address the stereo sound.

The last safety mode is designed to manage microphone popping issues. The Right Channel is mixed with audio with 6dB down, and the left one is Mixed Audio from Both transmitters.

However, we think the best feature of the LARK 150 is its compactness and usability instead of its sound quality.

If you need a recording device that is extremely professional for audio processing, this is probably not the best choice.

HOLLYLAND Lark 150 is Super Compact mic
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