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Get started with ESET security at www.eset.com/ca/download platform to download and install the best virus protection program on your device. ESET security offers antivirus software as well as firewall product, and one of the best is ESET NOD32. It provides some of the best products such as ESET NOD32 Antivirus, ESET Internet Security, ESET Smart Security Premium, and ESET Smart Security for multiple devices. Visiting www.eset.com/ca/download URL allows user to download ESET for Windows, Mac, and mobile devices.


Get Started With ESET Security At www.eset.com/ca/download –

  1. Go to www.eset.com/ca/download webpage.
  2. Choose the product and enter your login details.
  3. Click on “Get or download product.”
  4. Install the ESET and activate it with the license key.

ESET Security Activation Key – Find my ESET license key – www.eset.com/ca/download

Before you download ESET security through www.eset.com/ca/download on your device, purchasing the Activation key is essential. It is because until you don’t activate the ESET antivirus software, it won’t protect your data or files. And then, how do you get the ESET security activation key for the software activation? You can purchase the key from online as well as offline stores.

The ESET license key is 20 digits alphanumeric code which looks like xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx. If you have purchased the key from online stores such as Best Buy or Walmart, etc., then you would have got the key on email, and one can easily download the setup from www.eset.com/ca/download and activate it. In the case of offline purchasing, you can get CD or retail (as per your desire). If you have a retail card of ESET, then redeem it from the backside and download the setup from www.eset.com/ca/download using the activation key. You can use the CD installation, where you will not need to redeem the code manually, and so you can install the software without hassle.

Download ESET security – www.eset.com/ca/download  

Downloading ESET antivirus set up on any device can be completed by visiting www.eset.com/ca/download website. If you have successfully created the ESET login account and have activation code, then follow the below procedure;

  1. Open your browser and visit www.eset.com/ca/download official ESET website.
  2. The URL will take you to the product download page.
  3. Here, choose your field for using ESET, such as Home, business, or other.
  4. If you have purchased a license key, then click on “I already purchased” or “I have a business license” or “Beta version” on the Home, Business, and Other, respectively.
  5. You can try a free trial on www.eset.com/ca/download page.
  6. For the trial, click on the Free trial tab, fill the form, check your email and download the ESET installer.
  7. Otherwise, click on the purchased license and choose the setup for your security.
  8. Click on Download or buy now tab and wait for downloading.
  9. You may visit www.eset.com/us/activate to download the ESET installer directly by entering the activation key and login details.

How to install ESET security?

If you have downloaded the ESET setup from www.eset.com/ca/download webpage, then it’s time to install the setup and get protected. Follow the below procedure to install the ESET setup;

  1. On the successful Download of ESET installer file from www.eset.com/ca/download site, start the installation within the next steps.
  2. If there is the latest version available, then it will prompt you to download the latest version.
  3. Double-click on the downloaded ESET setup file, it will launch the installer.
  4. Wait for some time, and now, enter the ESET license key.
  5. On the license key submission key, click on the install button.
  6. On the completion, you can restart the system or start your first scan.

If you have CD/DVD rather than setup downloaded from www.eset.com/ca/download , follow below steps to install the setup;

  1. Insert ESET CD/DVD into CD drive of PC.
  2. It will pop-up an autorun menu.
  3. If it doesn’t show any autorun menu, then double-tap on CD/DVD drive.
  4. It will now check the version of ESET.
  5. Read the End-User License Agreement and click on I Accept tab.
  6. Continue the installation and finish it.

ESET security is available for Home, Business, Commercial, and other data protection at www.eset.com/ca/download page.

How to activate ESET security?

On the installation through www.eset.com/ca/download site, you can activate ESET antivirus software if you have an activation key. Follow below steps to activate the setup, if you couldn’t activate it during installation;

  • Open ESET software.
  • Next, click on the Help tab.
  • It will show you the “Manage License” tab on the bottom, click on it.
  • On the left top of the page, type or paste ESET Security Activation Key on the License key box.
  • Click on the Activate button.
  • Tap Done and close the window. Your ESET setup is successfully activated.

On the successful installation and activation, your device will be completely safe and secure from malwares, viruses, and hackers as well.

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